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On April 20th, 2018, Tim Bergling, known professionally as Avicii, passed away. Tim was a huge inspiration in my musical career as well as many others. When he passed away, fans never had the chance to hear the rest of his musical creations.

Ronny Khalek and I got together to recreate an unreleased record on his EP called "Faster Than Light". 

Disclaimer: I do not own or claim any rights that belong to Avicii. Please give credit to Tim, as he is the creator of this amazing musical masterpiece. As well as his artwork.

Thank you for reading. Rest Easy Tim.

 Back Ground Story
Shout out to Matt and Eli for letting Johan and I get to remix Dollar Menu ft. Dani Poppitt. The background behind this remix is Johan slid into my DM's in his Swedish accent with: "Yo bro-- I love your Take It Off Remix". Later I went to his page and listened to his remix for Two Friends and his work blew me away. We decided to team up on this remix together, combining both of our sounds for one of our first and favorite pieces together. Thanks to Two Friends for the amazing new friendship.